Socks – Protection for happy feet

Socks are basically items of clothing worn to keep warm or absorb the sweat from the feet or simply to add a touch of glamour. The feet have the maximum number of sweat glands as compared to the rest of the body and so a covering provides it protection and also plays the role to wick the moisture.

They come in various lengths from ankle length (footsies), calf length, knee high to over the knee. Socks are usually made of cotton, nylon, polyester or even a mix blend of fabrics.Socks are worn across ages, though the style, fabric and thickness may vary accordingly.

The socks available at Shyaway are high in quality and their collections include a stylish sock collection that includes hi-tech running socks, luxurious cashmere socks and even everyday sock collections that include basic ankle length socks that are used in the summers and spring time. Most of the socks available at Shyaway are made of machine washable fabric to make things easier for you as socks bear the brunt for all your physical activities in the day and easily get dirty and stink.

Shop online at Shyaway from their extensive collection of stylish yet practical socks and step out on a fashionable note.

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