Pantyhose – The no-nonsense fashion statement

Pantyhose are the more modern version of the stockings. They extend from the toes till the waistline, basically held by elastic at the waist. They come in sheer fabrics of nylon or silk and add a sexy element to the outfit you wear.You can get them in different styles ranging from sheer, glossy finish, self-print, shimmer and patterned ones.

Pantyhose are usually made of nylon and Spandex that give it the fitted form feature that is what makes it so desirable to be worn among women. The construction of this legwear is such that the top is of strong elastic at the waist, thicker material covering the hips, the thickest and strongest material covering the crotch and finally the thinnest material for the legs that extend till the toes.

Pantyhose are worn by some women to enhance the appearance of their legs due to the fact that those made of sheer fabric match the color or skin tone of the legs and enhance their appearance by giving them a smoother finish, whereas darker pantyhose can enhance the legs by outlining the shape.

Pantyhose also has practical use, as it can provide warmth in colder weather and let women go "bare-legged" even in the winter. Pantyhose can even enhance blood circulation by applying even pressure on the legs throughout the day.

Pantyhose come in a variety of colors, from gray, black or skin tone that is commonly worn as business wear to the more brightly colored styles that are fashionable among young women.

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