Shorts – Effortless style in bed

As the temperatures soar, so do the hemlines of the bottoms of our nightwear. Beat theheat by wearing shorts in bed. They come in varying lengths and extend till the mid-thigh or even till the knee.Not only are they comfortable but they also facilitate the airflow making it the ideal sleepwear in the hot summer months. You can even get to choose whether you want a button down top or a pullover fashioned one.

You can buy something as simple and comfortable as shorts made of lightweight super soft cotton or something slinky and luxurious made of satin or lace; or even something funky sporting bold and funky colors and prints. Whichever style of shorts you choose to buy, you can be assured of comfort and a good night’s rest. You can buy them individually or as sets. Be sure to buy breathable fabric so that you allow your skin to breathe throughout the night.

So take the plunge and invest in a good and comfortable pair of shorts to use as nightwear and you will not regret it. Shyaway boasts of a fun range of shorts that you will love to show off in an array of colors, prints, styles, textures and fabrics.

Come shop for nightwear shorts at Shyaway that offers you a wonderful selection of chic shorts at the best prices online from the top brands like Shyle, Lovable, Enamor and Amante.

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  • Shyle Grey Kimono Sleeve Shorts Set

    Shyle Grey Kimono Sleeve Shorts Set

    Regular Price: Rs.1,050

    Special Price Rs.525


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