MINIMIZER BRA – Redefine yourself with a flattering silhouette

There are some women who would do anything to make it seem as if they had a flatter or more flattering shape to their busts and it is to these women that Minimizer bras to their aid.

If you want to make your heavy bust line look smaller, then minimizer bras will come to your aid.

A minimizer bra is one that is designed to redistributes the breast tissue, giving the illusion of a smaller bust.A perfect minimizer bra can make you look up to two sizes smaller and leave you with a flattering silhouette under your clothes.

You should select the same size as you normally do when buying a minimizer bra and not a size smaller just because you want your breasts to appear smaller.

Shop from the huge range of minimizer bras available at Shyaway from top brands like Laavian, Lovable, Amante, Shyle and Jockey and be spoilt for choice with their bras that come in different styles, colors, fabric and not compromising on the fit.

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  • Inner Sense Pink Floral Minimizer Bra

    Inner Sense Pink Floral Minimizer Bra

    38B, 40B
  • Inner Sense Green Dotted Minimizer Bra

    Inner Sense Green Dotted Minimizer Bra

    34B, 36B, 38B, 40B

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